About Us

The Superstition Mountain Chapter was originally chartered by the Retired Officers Association (TROA) in February 1975. The organization name was changed to Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) and a new charter was issued in January 2005.

Most of our members live in the Phoenix metro area of the east valley – Ahwatukee, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Apache Junction, Sun Lakes, Scottsdale, Fountain Hills and Apache Junction.
Chapter social meetings are held monthly, a combination of sit-down dinners, and luncheons. The Chapter strives to ensure each social meeting is entertaining and informative. Please check the newsletter for the exact details of the next meeting.  Chapter Board meetings are open to all members as are Auxiliary meetings. (See event calendar for meeting dates and times.)

The chapter also sponsors a  Central Arizona Satellite Chapter which meets in Eloy, for luncheon monthly.  Meetings are generally on the last Saturday of the month.  (Check current newsletter for contact information, date and location of meetings.)

Superstition Mountain Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America

MOAA’s Mission The Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan  veterans association dedicated to maintaining a strong national defense and to preserving the earned entitlements of members of the uniformed services and their families and survivors.  MOAA is a nonpartisan organization as are its councils and chapters.

Who can belong Membership is open to those who hold or ever have held a warrant or commission in any component of the uniformed services or their surviving spouses.

Purpose and Benefits The extensive range of services and benefits for every stage of your career, whether Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard, USPHS, NOAA or retirement, may make the Military Officers Association of America the best benefit that you could subscribe to! Some of the benefits are listed below. MOAA’s monthly magazine lists the rest. Twelve issues of this award-winning magazine each year, will keep you well informed on legislative and military issues, and on what the powerful MOAA lobby is doing for you!! Find out more at MOAA Take Action

Top Goals for 2020

    1. 1. Ensure any Changes to the Military Health System sustain military medical readiness and beneficiary access to top quality care.

2.    Sustain military pay compatibility with the private sector, and Block erosion of compensation, non- pay quality-of-life benefits.

3.   Protect family support programs and ensure military provided services are affordable, readily available, and meet quality standards.

4.   End financial penalties for military survivors.

5.    End concurrent receipt penalties for military retirees.

6.     Achieve equity of benefits, protections and administrative support for Guard/Reserve members Consistent with their active duty counterparts.

7.    Ensure timely access to service earned benefits and resist proposals to erode those benefits.

8. Support legislation, policies and programs to enable the 7 uniformed services to recruit, retain and manage personnel.

Recent Legislative Accomplishments

In 2019 with your participation we were able to accomplish:

A fully funded National Defense Authorization Act, which secured 3.1% pay raises for service members, an increase in end strength, and no reduction in housing allowances.

No new Tricare or pharmacy fees in 2020.

A long sought after end to the “widows tax” with a reduction to SPB-DIC offset by 1/3 in 2021, reduction of another !/3 in 2022 and complete elimination in 2023.

Benefits granted to Navy “Blue Water” veterans exposed to Agent Orange as of 1 January 2020.

MOAA is thankful for all of our members that took the time to contact their legislators this year on issues important to them and others in the military community.   Below is a quick snapshot of our most active issues. Hopefully you took part in the one million plus messages (includes e-mails, letters, and phone calls) we sent to Congress this year.

      • Protect military people from disproportionate budget cuts
      • Oppose TRICARE changes 
      • Active duty pay 
      • Prevent Medicare/TRICARE cut 
      • Oppose a chained CPI 
      • Reject changes to commissaries 
      • Repeal the SBP/DIC offset 
      • Enhance concurrent receipt 

If you didn’t participate in the past, we hope you’ll make it your voice heard in the future.  Contacting your legislators is easy using the MOAA website.  Just click on the take action button to see the various bills in progress and make your voice heard.

Through your participation you will be enhancing MOAA’s influence on Capitol Hill, you will be kept up to date through MOAA’s award winning monthly magazine on rapidly changing mi1itary, political and legislative action that affects your life. The magazine is included in your membership.

Current MOAA Legislative Challenges 

Active/Reserve Force/Family Issues 

      • Sustain active duty, Guard and Reserve force sizes to meet mission requirements
      • Protect currently serving and retiree benefits against significant degradation based on sequestration’s arbitrary cuts
      • Create new incentives for employers to hire and retain drilling Guard/Reserve members
      • Provide incentives for employers/government/contractors to hire military spouses
      • Protect funding for commissary/exchange, dependent schools and family support programs
      • Improve professional licensure transferability for servicemembers and military spouses

Health Care Issues

      • Avert Medicare/TRICARE payment cut and fix statutory formula to improve access to care
      • Oppose enrollment fee for TRICARE For Life or curtailment of TFL coverage
      • Improve seamless transition and protect Defense and VA health/benefits/support systems budgets
      • Authorize option to subsidize retention of operational reservists’ civilian family health insurance

Retirement/Survivor Issues

      • Oppose military benefit changes that are inconsistent with service career sacrifices
      • Preserve full-inflation cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs)
      • End deduction of VA disability compensation from military retired pay
      • End deduction of VA survivor benefits (DIC) from military Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) annuities
      • Implement a more equitable military disability retirement system
      • Restore VA DIC compensation for qualifying survivors who remarry after age 55
      • Reform same SBP calculation for a reservist who dies performing IDT as for active duty deaths
      • Authorize survivors to retain a deceased retiree’s full final-month retired pay
      • Authorize SBP annuities to be paid to Special Needs Trusts for permanently disabled children
      • Reform the Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act (USFSPA)
      • Authorize Space-A travel for ‘gray area’ Guard-Reserve retirees and qualifying survivors

Veterans and Other Issues 

      • Improve quality, efficiency, transparency, and timeliness of VA claims-processing system
      • Establish Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits for surviving spouses of Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts
      • Improve VA health services and access for women veterans
      • Authorize pre-tax payment of health, dental and long-term care premiums
      • Prevent disproportional Social Security/Medicare penalties for any population segment

Other Standard Issue Member Benefits

Fighting for your rights: Through the strength of its members and experienced legislative team, MOAA speaks loudly for the rights and interests of the military community. This is an organization that is looking you, all veterans! MOAA has obtained for us many of the benefits that we currently enjoy, and is working on many more.

Easing the Transition to New Careers: The Officer Placement Service (TOPS) gives you the tools you need to make a successful transition to civilian employment. Take advantage of in-depth career counseling and access to a huge job bank targeting MOAA members.

Shielding! You From Rising! Insurance Costs: MOAA offers an unequaled array of affordable group-rate life, health, and long term care insurance plans that supplement your military benefits.

Guiding! You Through Life’s Challenges: One-to-one counseling for you and your family to help you navigate the maze of military benefits, rights and privileges.

Keeping You Informed: MOAA is your one-stop resource for timely information on the issues affecting your life. Our monthly magazine, e-mail newsletters, local Chapter e-mail or USPS newsletter, and Member Service Center help you get the most out of you! MOAA membership.

Making! Higher Education a Reality: MOAA’s scholarship fund has provided $30 million in zero-interest college loans and grants to more than 7,000 children of service members. As a MOAA member, you are entitled to apply for scholarship funds for your children.

And, you can now start tax-free savings for college with the Vanguard@ College Savings Plan, sponsored by the state of Nevada, and presented to you by the MOAA Degrees of Success 529 College Savings Plan, sponsored by the MOAA Degrees of Success program. Find out more at www.moaa.org